Saturday, October 11, 2008

so here's another update about things medically

i havent been feeling better
in fact i feel worse most the time, other times i feel completely manic & out of control.
so after talking with my doctor i am now taking a 'mood stablizer' prescribtion used for manic depressives and bad cases of depression. its only been two days but i do feel better. it is still hard to stick to things and concetrate and sleep - oh and DRIVE
so hard to drive im afraid ill hurt someone else in an accident. ive been bumming around asking friends to drive me places
anything else?
rather then coming home and straight to bed im forcing myself to go out to the movies
next weekend i have a big fancy fundraiser to go to
weekend after that the burlesque show shawn & i used to see in philly is coming to a bar in WC so im going to see it with----- audrey's kindgarten teacher :D
shawn will be preparing for his marathon the next day so he cant go with me - so i asked audrey's teacher :D