Monday, September 22, 2008

this was a CRAZY weekend
im still just absorbing everything that has happened.
friday- friday- friday? i guess friday i finished painting the exterior of the shop. oh and i also started getting a cold. what else?
i dont even remember! was there a philllies game? they played the marlins! oh yeah i ate burritto loco
saturday was all about getting ready for restaurant festival. since we couldnt watch the kids and work the shop & festival the kids went to grandpa's & grandma's around 5 to spend the night. then after i closed up the shop we went to check out the new bar around the corner(that note) co-owned by bam mangeria - that stocked PIMMS #1 *just* for me and shawn. ok by 8:30 i was happily skipping back around the corner to go back home and get my full night's rest . it was a crazy 90 minutes in the bar though we met two guys who make low budget horror films.
the restaurant festival may not have been as much of a cah box blow out as a wanted but we sure made sure people knew where were and i made friends with one of my jewelry designers. she may interested in using my space for a photo shoot and maybe even me as a model (yeah i dont know--)
so after the festival and 2 coronas around the corner i slept until 6 am!!!
then i got up and went grocery shopping :)
now i've done breakfast, packed lunches, and here i am blogging thinking about gallery walk and chili fest in two weeks and thinking about how much my stomach is killing me after a weekend of burrittos, hoagies, pulled pork and about 5 drinks over the course of 2-3 days
guess thats why they call it restaurant festival
wait chili fest is in two weeks????