Wednesday, September 17, 2008

things are good i had my first day off from the shop since i guess it all started
i still did work some - lots of short phone calls a few errands. i got everything set up so my 'coverage' not employee could just walk in and turn on the lights & radio and not need to do much else. i got paint so i can the exterior- a goal of mine i set . i want to paint it by sunday morning
sunday is the restaurant festival. the town expects 7,000 visitors its a huge day for west chester and for the shop keepers of west chester
so since i dont even have a sign yet at least i can spruce up my outside
i did relax a teeny bit. i took a 20 minute nap mostly induced by sudafed and a quickie color touched up over lunch at my house.
max had his first physical in years and got 2 shots.
and that all pretty much took up most my day
now that max did his homework we are waiting for dinner to cook
after that maybe a book or two then bed for them and project runway for me!