Saturday, January 10, 2009

We are sitting in the Orlando airport waiting to go home. Never have I wanted a vacation to be over more then this one that includes all family visits and tagging along with shawn on his business travel. It just was not what I was expect not what I needed. Considering I wait all day - wait for customers, wait for sales, wait to close the last thing I wanted to do was wait in lines at Disney and universal. The one day we agreed was the most fun was when we drove an hour to cocoa beach then went to "pirate adventures" dinner & show.
Two totally wacky things :
Last night we were all cuddled up watching tv in the kids' room when I spied a human tooth on the floor! It didn't belong to our kids. It was a molar and my kids aren't at that point yet. So after all looking at it laughing and joking we threw it away
Also it was a game to count the number of of cruisers and HR's down here seriously there's tons

We all can't wait to get home and to see our Lil pepper