Thursday, January 01, 2009

our breeder guessed pepper may get to 12 pounds and our vet said maybe 8. she was 2 lbs 13 oz last week at her vet appointment and she seems a little rounded since then. i havent made her a sweater yet. i'll wait until she is full grown.
she is a boston terrier but her markings are not traditional (not to mention she is normally in a sweater) so a lot of people mistake her for a pug. as she gets older her face will come out a little more, her ears will perk too.
its amazing how much its like having a baby in the house again, she only wants to sleep during the day if we hold her! pbut doesnt cry during the night.
our friend josh practicaly offered to watch her while we are away next week. so we are going with him over shawn's sister who already has two dogs- i just think it may be better then exposing her two other dogs so much ( they growl a lot)

saturday we leave for orlando. im trying to be excited but i feel like the house is too messy to leave and there's a lot of work be done. im never happy until i get there :P

yesterday we got a new rug. not normally the thing you do when you get a puppy but his parents didnt want the pup peeing on the persian carpet we had so we bought a cheapie at ikea in a new color scheme and new curtains too. it will be nice to see a new color platte in the living room.