Thursday, December 18, 2008

8 days with out a post is that a record?
time is going slowly in a way
in that the days are long but the weeks are fast sort of way?
a week till christmas, sunday i pick up the puppy
i have finished one custom knitting project that was pick up and paid for, another is almost finished and one more was ordered! luckily it isnt needed right away and is more of a spring item - its a little girl's cape
the kids seem more excited for the puppy then christmas. audrey is however asking for a stuffed kitty and a belt. max would like a lego death star.
the shop seems slow but when people do come in they buy more then just one thing and im excited for the puppy and interested to see how she will change the structure of the day. its funny how the dog crate looks perfect in our house like its always been there.
i know i havent mentioned it but after the holidays we are going to orlando for a week! so i better the the cape started so i can bring it with me :D