Saturday, December 27, 2008

the customer who asked for the cape came in today to make some other purchases. so while she was here i showed her my progress and the pattern. she seemed happy with it. that makes me glad. im enjoying it too. its pretty brainless- easy to work a little and come back to.
i think its a little funny here is a woman who is a grandmother herself asking me to knit for her granddaughter because her own mother has passed away but she has such fond memories of items her mother knit for her sons. now here she is asking me to continue the handknit tradition for her granddaughter since she herself does not knit. there's something sweet about it all. that i'm part of this despite not being part of their family, despite crazy hair, tattoos and whatever else knitting is bringing this family together.
well enough talking about it better get to working on it while pepper takes her nap and there is no customers