Wednesday, April 23, 2008

i had a bad dream i cant shake which makes me realize i never explained the story we heard about our karate instructor who was terminated after leaving a loaded firearm unattended the public gym where he was an outside contractor hired to teach children karate.
supposedly he had been carrying a loaded gun for some time now about since 9/11 and since the virginia tech incident it became constant and he felt he needed to become vigilant for the proctection of others.
it was true he set it down for a moment but not in a public area of the gym and the whole incident took place a few days before the gym ever told any parents or members.
since then he stopped carrying said weapon inside the new karate studio.
to me (& a lot of other parents) its coincidental he was opening his own gym in a few months right before he was terminated.
i have also heard through the grape vine that other outside contractors have been terminated for whatever reasons and been replaced with fulltime gym employees.

i dont condone him carrying a gun in a gym setting but i understand its his right, and i do understand the vigilance that can take over one's mind these days. the kids certainly love taking karate with him and he is great with the kids, and i watch every lesson and i always have. i still feel conflicted but i hope that will go away with time.