Thursday, April 17, 2008

today is promising to be a great day
max has a half day
audrey has off
the weather is wonderful

i think my plan is to work on some needle felting and have audrey play playdoh and we can work together at the same table. audrey can play with playdoh for hours so we can seriously do this until max comes home at noon. then play outside and clean up the yard. we'll do karate and have dinner!
sounds like a great day right?

then tomorrow max has the day off and audrey has school!

my plan for that is to take max out to breakfast just me & him since he & i dont get to do much by ourselves.
maybe i'll see if our new mommy friend kendra wants to meet at the park in teh afternoon.

the only downside to all this glorious weather is of course allergies. audrey is a walking comercial for claritin asking us if she is in a fog or if she is clartin clear. its funny because she takes zrytec. her eyes are so puffy! she also has no appetite, but im not sure in if its related.