Monday, April 14, 2008

oh my goodness
i have such a crick in my neck
there's something that i cant decide if i should even blog about- im not sure if its fair to the other person
then again what this person did to me is not exactly fair

im stressing over my stupid craft fair on may 3rd. i have a scarf, a hat and unfinished stuffies that arent listed on my etsy page. i feel like i need help going through my merchandise and decide what to bring and what not to bring. then maybe what else i should make considering its spring/summer.

on april 26th is the cf walk. i have not raised as much as i expected but with malena we have two more funrdaising events planned. one is at a pizza place called peace-a-pizza. if you bring in our flyer they will donate 20% of your bill. then we are also having a bakesale. i was given permission to distribute flyers to students at both kids schools. now i have to figure out how i do that at max school with 600 students :)