Monday, April 14, 2008

so here is what i didnt know what to blog about ...
but my life
my blog
you stumble into it
you dont want to be published
your problem

well i think i got dumped
for a second time
by a guy
i never dated

we were close friends in college, i would say best friends. there was chemistry but at the same time i knew there was no long term potential. plus we were both seeing other people who were both LOUSY significant others. but it was at this time i met shawn for the first time. during this there was an opportunity for us to get together but he decided not to. i got over it.
well i got an email this weekend from him. it sounds like he didnt.
he doesnt want me to write back to him.
i wish he could move on. life is too short.
i know from our few emails that things werent easy for him. i still treasure our friendship. there are things that happen all the time that still make me laugh and think of him. i truly can say i want him to be happy, and healthy. i had already picked up a few things i wanted to mail him- i was so excited to be back in touch.
but now i do feel a little of everything angry that he got to say what he wanted to but doesnt want me to say anything & claims that he wont read anything from me, i feel sad that he seems sorta stuck. theres just other stuff that i dont even know how to put in to words, things that i thought was over and finished and dealt with years ago.
but here i am
married just about 10 years, and i got dumped again by someone i care deeply about but havent seen in seven years.