Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i feel like im rapidly approaching mommy burn out if im already there.
since last tuesday i have had one or both kids home.
and personally i hate when parents complain about their kids being home. its not that they are home, its more that they dont have a schedule and esp with max it messes him up.
plus shawn has been home more then usual. Im sooooooo look forward tomorrow morning and having a little quiet time by myself!!! (Shhh did i say that??)

yesterday's trip to the insecterium was fun. i did in fact eat a cheddar flavored meal worm just as i promised maxwell's class :)
we got there almost 45 minutes late because of traffic so we didnt get to see all the bugs. we did see lots of tarantulas, millipedes, centipedes, butterflies, goliath beetles, roaches, and boll weivels. i was hoping for a dung beetle but we didnt see those :(
the craziest part was being on a bus with all those kids for so long! the volume holy crow!! but it was fun :D
today max is home and audrey has school...
shawn has been out out running for an hour already and doesnt expect to be out until 8!
i listed about 5 new items yesterday on etsy and have 3 more to re-photograpgh and list today.