Saturday, March 22, 2008

yesterday audrey turned 5!
it is hard to believe. i'm so happy but its hard seeing her getting older- not actually getting bigger mind you :)
well she may be getting taller- she certainly is not getting wider her size 4s that have always been cinched at the waist are falling off her tiny bum. i seriously doubt its anything to worry about.
she even tried a baby carrot this week. one day she took a nibble the next a whole bite :)

since our plans were very much up in the air & contingent on shawn's work schedule yesterday, we went and saw "horton hears a who". i so highly recommend it!! i'm not a huge fan of children's movies today but i really this this was above average. there always is too much put in there for adults but this wasnt like that, no bad language, nothing very scary (just a little scary), no gross humor etc. i could go on but you get the point.

she never really asked for any presents so i gave her a stuffed cat and max & shawn got her a stuffed chewbacca doll. i do have a play doh set that she mentioned but i havent given it to her.
in about 90 minutes she is having 6-7 friends over for a dance party. very low key, partly because i have been brain dead. i have a nice ipod playlist i made up, cupcakes, goldfish crackers , popcorn, pretzels, goodie bags and thats about it!! i hope no one under whelmed ...