Sunday, March 16, 2008

all clear

i dont normally title my blog posts but this has a obvious title

shawn put a load of laundry in the washer. a load i gathered, and that he needed done before bed tonight. we heard it beep so i went to check and noticed that the clothes were still sopping wet. i didnt think much of it and assumed i just misheard so i re hit the start button. ten minutes later they were still sopping wet and i notice the LED screen said F2.
i decided to ignore that and just restart the whole load. Two minutes later yea, its still not working. i call shawn in, yup its not working.
i decided to google the name of our washer and F2. hmmm blocked drain....
ahh yeah- i have been doing a lot of felting
wel now to find an online manual for FREE, no such thing
ok i need a potty break
next thing i know shawn is yelling "BRING TOWELS!!!!"
was a baby born??
no- he decided to start poking around and opened the washer and opened the drainage tube WITHOUT ME!!! ;)
there came out a hair/felt/toy/ and assortment of stuff ball the size of a baseball and about 5 gallons of water!!!!!
thank goodness the laundry room floor is stone tile!!!!

maybe i wrong about this but im not sure most people would pick through a wad of drain blockage but i did
here is some of what i found:
3 hair barrettes ( 2 small scrunchiees and one clippie)
1 plastic black cat
1 stretchy spider
1 chapstick bottom
1 nail
1 bandaid

there's other stuff but i already cant remember !