Tuesday, April 10, 2007

i cant believe its only tuesday. i have such a odd busy week. today i'm getting an estitmate to have teh chimmey pointed ( shawn was supposed to be here for this) a neighbor called and asked if i would watch her daughter today & the next day before school. tomorrow we have dentist appointments but i dont know the times ( they'll call to confirm). thursday we have a tour of audrey's preschool ( she got in!) then the concert & shawn's motorcycle class. susan says she'll go with me to teh concert. im waitig to hear back from my sitter. but i got an awesome skirt at malena's shop to wear! what else friday "mr. handyman" is coming to re-grout the kitchen. my hands are too shakey these days, and fix acuostic tiles in max's room and wheater strip the back door. plus its picture day for max. so in betweeen all these things i need to fit in haircuts, karate, i'd love to spring clean teh bathroom, plant some summer bulbs & write out some cards oh so much to do!