Sunday, April 08, 2007

i still dont know what to do about the ben folds concert on thursday. my brother was going to with me, but turns out he cant. susan said she'd love too, but does that mean she can? ( i havent heard from her all week)
should i just go alone? i wont really be alone, i'll be with other ben folds fans right?
but i still need to get a sitter :P i called ours and left a message but she thought i meant last thursday :P
nothing is ever easy, maybe this is why i never even bother going out!
i want to expound on this a little more. shawn has motorcycle class that night. he never had to ask anyone to be a babysitter. he just assumed i would do it. i came across a quote a few weeks ago that claims "bais against mothers [that] remains embedded on the job, in the culture, and in the home (E.J.Graff)
when i told it to shawn he said it wasnt true, but geeze doesnt that just prove the point?
most my freinds here are moms and its so hard to coordinate schedules and sitters etc and for what? to spend $36 to hear somebody sing. whereas shawn is carefee gets his own schedule travels all over has his own hotel and there's always a poker game :P