Monday, April 02, 2007

ever since the neruo mentioned my ergonomics, i have noticed that unless im eating i sit saddle. i think its becuase i'm always being called up to go do something , and so i just prepare myself to ready. its really hard to correct this, and i picture myself like an owl with my head always facing the wrong way.

shawn did move the computer, now its in the kitchen and i dont have to strain or stretch.

im still egtting things ready for the painters, im probably doing more then i need to, but at least i know its done. ive taken out all the nails, im cleaning all the woodwork. there are places in that room becuase of furniture that never got dusted its a mess!

ben folds is playing at west chester university, if anyone wanst to come with please (!!!!) email me, shawn cant come , he has to take his motorcycle saftey course. i might just go alone, but company would be great. maybe i should find my ex boyfreind ian and see if he'd like to go re- live 1997 :)
ok back to cleaning laundry then off to fill a lunch bag worth of Rx's !!!