Sunday, April 01, 2007

its sunday. today we are going to start empting the dining room in preperation for the painters. so if you dont see me on the computer its because we moved it and possibily didnt hook it up. also the kids and i are most likely accompanying shawn on a business trip to virginia beach this week, while the painting is being done.
i have such an incredibly painful headache. i have one of those heat wrap at the base of my skull in a bandana. i dont know if it will help. i just did it. after some chores though i'm going to take a bath.
what else has been going on?
i dont know ... been so busy with just daily stuff, getting things prepped for all these little home maintence projects and cleaning up outside
audrey has been miserable. max has been sweet as pie and sporting a necktie daily no matter whatelse he is wearing, even in bed! shawn did show up with a broken phone. i got my hair done ( nothing too new- my mullet tail is getting long & i like it like that) . i cant find any knitting patterns that inspire me. the kids had their "art show" yesterday. half of max's stuff didnt get dried in the klin, and audrey drew a picture of a kid using a toilet! but really most their stuff is really amazing :) i'll take some photos and post them if i find time :)
ok our 30 mins of free time is up and now its offically clean up time :)