Sunday, April 08, 2007

come home has been a bigger mess then i anticipated. i didnt count on all the plaster dust being everywhere. it was basicly all over the 1st & second floors. but there arent huge cracks anymore. we had to dust, dry mop and wet mop everything. its ok. it was just more the i expected. plus im pretty sure i have strep throat. i've had a sore throat for a few days, and i noticed the nasty white patches this morning. im going to try and hold out and not go to the doctor, and re-schedule my dental cleaning. speaking of cleaning... is ok to cry over a load of pink laundry right? i dont remember the last time it happened. but of course i was in hurry to start my 7 loads and piled everything in there including audrey's newly dyed red sweater and it bleed. it wasnt a huge loss. some socks and undies, a few things that were outgrown and a brand new shirt of max's and i said i'd replace.
i have a bunch of silly photos i'll post a little later and i'll take some snap shots of the fresh paint before there's any handprints.