Sunday, March 25, 2007

yesterday was the spring fair- phew, long, noisey, fun.
i got there a little early and alone so i helped out for 20 mins by bundling tickets. . then maxwell, shawn & i went around for 2 hours while audrey was in in art class. just so happens the art association is next to the school. it was alot of fun. there was a funhouse- i heard alot about it but was unable to gleam much info about it before hand. it was a walk thr dark maze on the stage with a spinning wheel on the foor, a conveyer belt, funhouse mirrors, then a really teeny super twisty dark tunnell, ( yep i went thru with audrey after hearing lots of moms were going) with black lights. then you exited on a kiddie slide into a foam pit. that was definatly both kids favorite. audrey had another favorite- there was a "disco room" :) someone playing itunes on a mac, a strobe light & a fog machine in the teachers lounge :) audrey spent 40 mins in there doing all sorts of crazy dancing
there was a basic training inspired obstical course. they were keeping tabs on times for school records. was told audrey did very good for a non-kindergartener. max did it in 1min 50 seconds, audrey 2 mins 15. the kindergarten record was 1 min 12 secs.
then max went to his art lesson and i took audrey out on errands. we had a vey easy time returning her curious george toy. she choose a new one. she got a bed time goerge, in PJ's and his faces glows for a few seconds when you hug him. there were many other errnds i wont bore you.
im just getting to the point where i was up most the night with food poisioning :P
also our house has become the meeting place for kids, now that "we" have the new neighbor who is 6.
ok audrey is crawling around me looking for attention