Thursday, March 22, 2007

audrey's birthday didnt turn out as i hoped :( which is bad when you plan a low key birthday ( at least in my perspective).
i had a totally of four gifts. one was new to the market, and was a real dud. its a bubble blowing curious george, it just was working as well as shown in comericals, it would leak fluid, and fill up with bath water, wouldnt blow bubbles.
then there were cowboys boots, ok no big reaction, thats fine, and a scooter- ok huge reaction actaul tears that she cant play with it now that its cold & rainy. (im trying to get her out now while she gets her shoes & socks on)
then last was a try at picture people . she loves a portrait in her room of her & max. so i thought we could get a new one. she hasnt had a studio poratit since 9 months becuase we had such bad experiences at picture people & sears. guess what last night was no different. i think they show you about 20 shots, all were bad, unopen eyes, hunched shoulders, slack jawed. me with my big mouth, started in my story that i hadnt been there in years b/c of such problems along with physically forced seating etc and now i have a phone number to corprate but no photos. :(
i ended up crying openly in mall for about 10 mins.
then there was no time for the second little cake i made, so the kids had it for breakfast!