Friday, March 23, 2007

probably not to hard to believe- but i wrote a "concerned" emailed to the PTO at maxwell's school. next week is spirit week. and kindergarten (all 4 classes) are only in school monday and tuesday. it seems unfair to me, that they dont get to participate in the week. these little kids tend to have more spirit then anyone (ok i didnt include that)

overall i dont care for the PTO they are always asking for volunteers but never tell you what the volunteer's duties are or how much time you can expect to devote to it. they assume everyone knows all the ins and out, has had kids go thru the school before. i brought this up before at a PTO meeting even got agreement from other 'newbies' but was shrugged off.

enough dwelling on whether to take down PTO from the inside.
i have a painter contractor coming in 45 mins to give me an estimate.

i was refered to the principal! ha ha :)
well i got the answer i expected. its not normally done on the short week and things were moved around b/c of standardized testing going on this week. he understand kindergarten is left out but this was the best choice he could with education in mind.

hey at least i voiced my concern, & he knows there's an invovled parent out there. and i know he & two pto leaders check their email often :)