Sunday, March 18, 2007

over the course of friday we got about 2-3 inches of solid sleet (ice for you west coast kids) with maybe a dusting of snow on top. saturday morning after getting our stairs and a few feet of our walkway cleared we came up clearing it. since everyone can just walk on top with out cracking it. shawn suggested going sledding at the borough park 3 blocks away. we dont have sleds with runners, but those plastic saucers. hey, guess what dont put someone who weighs under 35 pounds on a zooming on a sheet of ice!! audrey went down 3 times by herself much to my visons of the ER- she went more then halfway across the park that is a city block!!! some how avoiding trees, playground equipment and a running creek.
it was tons of fun though, when we got there the two other family who catch the bus with max were there so it nice and assuring see all the kids sharing sledding togther see which sled and kid combo was the best. (audrey by herself was).
so the morning was winding down the other two families left and we decided to have one last run, a race to determine who would make lunch. who ever went the farthest was off teh hook. it was shawn & audrey against me & max. shawn & audrey did pretty good. max & i just barely stayed out of the creek. luckliy i caught a sapling and was holding on for deaar life. max got out of the saucer and i went flying backward over the creek bed into the freezing cold stinking water where no one could see me!
it was so gross, so smell, and so cold. i had to walk home 3 blocks like that!
the worse part was, audrey keeps saying 'i thought you not alive any no more'