Friday, March 16, 2007

well well well look what i did.
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it was quite the feat.
the weeks long search for a cookie cutter. the patient waiting for the one hali sent that never arrived. the triumpant moment when we found one yesterday at AC Moore! then max if i would make cookies and send in one for each of his classmates since today they were supposed to have green snacks. ( he was also bringing celery sticks) then my first batch of cookie dough didnt turn out right, maybe since it was the 7 o'clock hour, or that i was simulatously making breakfast or that i added baking powder not soda (ok that happens that like 5x a year to me). so i scrapped that dough, whined to my mom. faced the sleet and went out for more butter and tried again. second results much better!! but as i was putting the first trayful of cookies on teh cooling rack, the phone rings... afternoon kindergarten has been cancelled due to weather!
*EDIT* and in today's mail...
the cookie cutter from hali :)
thanks hali!!