Monday, March 26, 2007

i should be folding sheets but since i was sitting here by the computer i thought i'd blog

1) i saw my neruologist this morning. my migraines have really dimished but i get a lot of headaches in the back of my head. he said now i need to look at teh ergonomics of my home life. like a new pillow, ha i was working on that! but the real problem is the computer. i sit at my couch then turn my head completely to side to look at the screen. so i'll have to start brainstorming where else could it go.
this is my horrible computer postioning
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2) my stomach still is hurting. the only thing i had different that day was a starbuck latte. so we thought it must of been slightly bad milk. now shawn is not looking or feeling well. so maybe its a stomach bug. i hope the kids dont get anything.

ok now i'll go fold those sheets.