Thursday, November 20, 2008

woah this is my 2600 post!
i did something i havent done in almost two years i sat down and spun for an hour
all things considered its not bad looking
i used my babe wheel which i took to the shop on monday
it was a perfect time- i was exhausted and achey.
i had food poisoning & a migraine that wont go away. i think thats what it is a lot of other shop keepers say they feel fluish w/o a fever so maybe thats what i have too. it was the perfect way to sit and be quiet and productive with out being hunched
it is a bit over spun but i know a trick to help that

tonight we're supposed to go to 'the note' for the eagles of death metal im really hoping my body gets itself sorted out before then im already well known for my short tolerance/early bed time at the bar but i do want to see the band.
oh reminds me one of the bar backs has a sweet tooth im going to bring him some hersheys bars since he vouched for me the day i forgot my ID
(i dont go *that* much) ok yes i do --- i just dont drink much 1-2-bed time!