Friday, November 21, 2008

the illness may just be sinus infection. im up now becuase i have a tooth thats so flared up i cant sleep. i thought i'd work on a "felt friend" but i sat at the comp first.

it snowed today ,like a full 1-2 inches i think. snowed all day! it was gore-jus! made the shop slow though. its nice having shawn in with me though. its fun i 'work' on my arts & crafts making a big mess. he works with computer adding inventory for me or updating the website ( yes you could place an order now!). he gets lunch , i go on a coffee break check in with the other shop keepers (most shop keepers are women) its like a happy little home. then he picks up the kids i finish up for the day and we meet up at the house for dinner (usualy he has been cooking!) i have been getting so spoiled! its awful when im so tired i just want to go to bed. when he isnt there the days are long and boring. he'll be home all next week too.

well i should make my "felt friend" while i still feel it. this is one catagory in the shop that needs display help they just are all jumbled up on a shelf. i have a HUGE oversized basket im thinking of using as a display mechanism.