Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ok so i realize i sound like liv tyler in "empire records" but its 7:25 ive done all my food prep fpr thanksgiving and made a batch of muffins
we have audrey's progress report & confrence at 9 and then we are repainting great grandmom's room and transforming it into a sewing room for shawn's mother
(since i got my button machines there have been a lot of references to "empire records" i totally need to rent it again)
i called my breeder yesterday-- "our girl" as she calls her is very small but healthy. next week we can mail her our deposit and then she'll be ready to come home christmas week :) i like that she is on the small side :)

what else to report?
not much its getting dark at 4:30 which is really bumming me out. since last week i seem to be going through another round of minor depression im hoping its just mild and temporary