Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ive made the decision to grow out the mohawk
ive had it for 13 months, colored it for 9
since opening the shop ive gotten bombarded constantly with comments, compliments, shout outs from the street, people asking & playing 20 questions.
i can't continue to let it live a life of its own.
unforunately i still love it. i still love when a little ol' lady gives me a compliment or a small child says they like it, but its the attention from men on the street i cant handle anymore.
maybe its even a little of the depression speaking but i wish i wasnt even 'approachable' looking. Two -1-2- guys asked me out on monday. I mean i dont get it dont they see the ring? my kids photos on the computer?
i dont expect to do a 360 a become soccer mom but i feel like i need to do something