Sunday, April 13, 2008

so there is a phenomenon that i was unaware of going on.
some people think it was just a west chester thing but my research proves that is not so
its "under dogging"
now considering im more obsessed with underdog the cartoon hero then most people i think a lot of this went over my head for a awhile.
but two weeks ago i went to park with my h=neighbor and her two year old. well i was pushing her daughter who kept saying "underdog" i just kinda nodding and said yup, and asked her mom if she watched my underdog DVD at my house.
my neighbor said no she wanted me to 'underdog' her.
anyone else not know what means?
or is it just me and shawn from opposite sides of the country who didnt know what that meant?
so what you are supposed to do is push someone on a swing and run underneath and i guess depending on your mood yell 'underdog'
my neighbor says she always thought it was her & her sister who made this up, but if i watched other parents in any playground in west chester i would see it happening. well she was right.
so after seeing it happening yesterday and even having my own kids now asking for 'underdogs' shawn & i had the brilliant idea that we should underdog each other. well he can underdog me but after 4 tries i couldnt underdog him.
this morning we were still joking about my failed attempts at 'underdogging' him. and i decided to google "underdog swings"
and woah lots of stuff comes up
its not local top west chester
i get things from all over!! take a look for yourself

google's underdog swing


so you read my blog- id love to know if you knew about underdogging & where you grew up!!