Monday, April 07, 2008

so if someone asked what did i accomplish saturday -
there you go i rolled three balls of yarn. it was harder then it looks or sounds all three where tangled messed from the start.
the ball on the right was the worst. it actually took me several days to untangle.
of course the the one of the left is 75% knit by now :D

yesterday (sunday)
was pretty good i got a ton of cleaning & re-organizing done
for dinner we had a sushi feast much to maxwell's satisfaction


and much to my need to disgust everyone
i didnt really eat that

this was lurking in my pantry closet i bought it because i love the label
you get to see it now since it fits in

and how about this? a piece of ginger root that looks like a cat?

***bonus trivia a few months ago i lent anthony a CD, which he never returned- he left his sweater at my house after using our comp. im now holding his wool sweater ransom in return for my CD
then again- i never had access to a black wool sweater before. it would make a great felted spider...
is it too late to put up a sign "not responsible for articles of clothing left over 30 days"?