Tuesday, April 01, 2008

i have been so busy recently i just dont know where the time is going!
friday max had his belt test and he achieved team leader, something he was working on,on his own by helping teach younger classes by coming early and helping out the teachers. sto show that he is a team leader now he got a camoflague gi (uniform).

saturday was just a whorl wind of karate practice, yard work, a monte carlo night to benefit the schools county wide, and a quick stop in to out local bar which is closing.
and sunday man that day was spent at the park!
monday i was so busy with stuff at school, visiting friends and a massive grocery shopping trip i forgot to eat all day and ended up with a migraine. which comes to point of why im blogging at midnight on tuesday i woke up hungry!! so im downstairs eating and typing
oh my friend had her baby yesterday (monday) a little girl :D name keira :D we are all so happy!!!