Wednesday, April 09, 2008

have i mentioned why it is that i have been so busy?
we'll theres school
i have been in max's classroom 3 days a week doing handwriting and what else needs to be done for an hour each day.
then im having a flare up of all the chronic pain issues. so there's been alot of doctor appointments
next spring is finally starting to show up in our corner of PA, and if its over 50 degrees im trying to be outside in some capacity
also with spring comes the urge to spring clean, im sure faithful readers have sen the pantry closet, other spots in the house have been receiving the same treatment.
i also have the Cf fundraiser. the usual head of the fundraiser is unable to take to take charge this year so my friend malena and i are doing our best to fill in.
then add in i have a craft show on may 3rd. im trying to make as much stuff as i can thats not winter wear
so if my emails have died off or i havent gotten to you blog as much as usual im sorry