Thursday, March 06, 2008

ok so etsy was great and changed my shop & user name for me. it is now
SeeBooKnit. all the old links and everything still work.

is anything else going on?
im working on knitting a purse.
i had a purchase from a long time friend yesterday :D
im starting to feel better - my throat is barely sore
i got a tune-up on my night guard from the dentist- he said my healing is amazing
today im meeting with april & abby for lunch, then a quick old navy trip to get max some socks, and i need to get moving if we are going to have a party for audrey's birthday. i want to invite 5 neighborhood friends over for a little dance party. but i have no invites or anything. so if i can find something at Michael's at the same shopping center i'll go with it.
Anything else???