Saturday, February 23, 2008

we tried going out last night to see a punk show at a local bar. but one band's lead singer was arrested on wednesday and the other band got stuck in the snow.
so instead we saw "be kind rewind" it was really wonderful!!

i woke up really sore. my paperwork from the surgery center said its normal to be more sore the 5-7 days then at the start. im also really congested in the chest which is not related to the tonsillectomy, just something i have to deal with. so im sore and tired already at 8:15

i have been getting a lot of knitting done. im making an english driving cap for shawn.
we also got a visit yesterday for the insurance claims adjustor. we filed a claim for the storm damage done last week and we'll get a check in 7-10 days! then i guess we get to pick out some new paint colors!!! :)