Monday, February 25, 2008

mmmm chocolate pudding for breakfast. is that going to get old at some point?
i think i hit a wall yesterday though were i was just sick of being sick and sick of being a patient.
in a little bit i go in for my check up. i dont know what to expect since i can barely open my mouth. hmm i can open my mouth farther then i thought but still...
oh and i guess i must not be getting enough talking done with my sore throat because shawn and i are both aware that i have been talking in my sleep!

i just realized one of our neighbors is going away on a 2 week business trip. i thought she was just leaving for 5 days. she asked if i give her girls an extra hug. i thought that was sweet. her younger daughter goes to preschool with audrey and recently her older daughter has been playing with max. so i promised to also send some emails and photos. its her sister who babysat max and audrey when we went away.

i spent most of yesterday trying to sew a knit cap together for shawn. its supposed to be an english driving cap but it looks like the sort of cap the warden would give a prisoner in the 1900's. why is everything i knit for shawn turn out wrong? is it some sort of extrapolation of the boyfriend curse? i ask him when the hat is finished would he wear it with the terribly knit sweater i knit for him a few years back