Wednesday, February 13, 2008

here is a jamaica story i didnt get to post yet:

one night we went out to eat dinner with another couple. after dinner we decided to walk around what is called "the hip strip". there's some dance clubs and restaurants. honestly its a little seedy but nothing i wasnt uncomfortable around, in a group. so as we are going back to the restaurant to meet back with our cab driver, a man came up to me and put his hand out, knuckles towards and said "respect" so i returned the gesture and said "yo respect mon"
well that seemed to make this guy's day, so he stopped everyone else and said they should repeat the gesturing, since it was obvious i was not a racist and so many tourist are.
ok so shawn and the other couple do it. now they are all giving me funny looks, since now the this man is asking us a hundred questions about where we are from, why are we in jamaica, and, the always dangerous, where we are staying.
so dennis says, we need to meet our cabdriver and the man was cool with that but stopped us.
he took shawn by the shoulders and positioned him to my left and then proceeded to recite marriage vows!!! i was trying to keep a straight face (but was giggling), but it was along the lines that i was a queen and shawn is a king and that we shall travel the earth always together as a king and his queen and he shall always respect his queen and queen shall always serve her king.
then he did the same for the other couple, but said their marriage would not be as easy as ours, since shawn and i are soulmates.
then he tipped his hat looking for gratuities :)
so we both gave him a few dollars and that was it!
so we got married again in jamaica !