Monday, February 11, 2008

back home and back to the grind
i place a gift order for a friend who is under going a tonsillectomy tomorrow but transposed the ship to / billing addresses. so its being billed to him and shipped to me :P

i also realized i have a donation knit that i need to finish & mail out. no biggie though b/c its a BIG knit so it will go fast.

i still feel like i was hit by a bus though

the kids are being so sweet making valentine gifts for friends and teachers all on their own, i want to get them some thing little now too.

its is COLD today 9 degrees, all our windows are covered in thick ice. i was up for 2 hours around midnight then the wind chill was -5!! i dont know what it is now but i was offered rides home from preschool when its only a half a block away!! i still declined

i dont think i'll top this for a while but here she is:
my trash picked venus
she seems to have gone through some krylon-abuse but i hope to remedy that soon.