Monday, February 11, 2008

so maybe i am special!
its been one of those days when i've been doubting it
but i got a personal email from our mayor, an email from our karate instructor suggesting i may get my own lounging recliner with heat & massage, in response to my email asking what will the parents' seating arrangement be like at the new facility.
i also got emails from my sister, max's teacher, my friend laurie, ben & jerry's.com and more, in all 21 emails so far!!
but email from the mail from the mayor is exciting!!
here it is:

Good afternoon Catherine,
Thank you for your email about the baseball stadium.
First and foremost, I truly believe a multi-purpose, family-oriented recreational venue hosting an affiliated Minor League Baseball Team is a perfect match for the old Wyeth Property. The Stadium idea is a winner that will service all of Chester County, not only the immediate West Chester area.
Secondly, I like the Wyeth property for the new ball-field because a stadium can assist us in
bringing-back the railroad. Taking the train to the game will be a big hit for those families living along the rail-line all the way to Delaware County. Also, the Wyeth Property is situated close to the 202 West Chester bypass, which arguable articulate with most important roadways
throughout Chester County. There will be a minimal amount of traffic traversing through residential neighborhoods. Te proposed mall development will bring more traffic all-day-long rather then game time. Fact is, I believe most people who live in West Chester will likely walk to the game and not use their cars at all.
Now an update on our effort to move the issue forward. There is a group of about two dozen business people, who are working together on the logistics of building a Stadium. This group will meet over the next several months exploring the associated issue. In the meantime, we are simply
asking those who are in favor of the stadium to merely "talk-it-up" with the family, neighbors and friends.
Again, thank you for your interst. I fully appreicate your support and encouragement.