Friday, February 08, 2008

we took a senic bamboo raft ride down a river. it was nice and slow but it was doing something. all the doing nothing was getting me down.

so wednesday there was a HUGE lunch bbq. it was fun all over the lawn and the beach here at the ritz. it was crazy.
but then for dinner--
it was a swanky affair.
then after dinner there was a surprise concert by steven marley and his whole band. it wasnt really much of a surprise though but it was an amazing event. basicly it was a private concert and it was also the anniversary of bob marley's birth so it was even more specail.

i have so many pictures to upload when we get back...

now shawn is trying to figure out dinner plans and im hoping to run back outside.

health report: i had 4 tonsil stones, i had a massage and all four became dislodged during the massage!
other health issues- very light sunburn on one shoulder & one ear. a bizzare rash other hotel guest assure me is an adavance case of heat rash. 3 migraines so far. and today ideveloped a hearty cough--

of in jamaica many women gget their hair braided-- well everyone from HP has been teasing me that i should-- what do you all think? braid the hawk?
similarly every jamaican loves my hair. the women tell me all the time, the guys tell me "ehh mon i like your style". everyone in the hotel regonizes us instantly, and has little nicknames for us. it really funny.

ok off to find a snack and maybe knit a bit.