Tuesday, December 04, 2007

when and why did the grape tomato take over the cherry tomato in the world of miniature tomatoes?

i sold a pair of mittens and a scarf to mrs.r's daughter yesterday. it was completely spontaneous. she said her sister called & was having a bad day and so she walked over and bought them!! :D plus liz loves the scarf i knit for her and asked that i give her more business cards to pass out. so not bad, i guess that what people mean its about getting your name out there.
i have another craft show on saturday and that will be my last for the season. i've signed up for info for one in march though.

so i better get to work and finish up the hat im working on now, i just need to do about 6 more rows. then i have a plan to move my furniture around based on our couples therapy & the christmas tree placement. plus around 11 is my appointment to see if i have a cyst and to admit the weird fact that im sure my feet have decreased in size. plus somewhere i should go to the grocery store and the kids should go to karate practice.