Saturday, December 01, 2007

this was a pretty nice easy day-
i had a headache (migraine). i dont know quite was up with all of these. i've made some medication adjustments so it could be that, but also im not sleeping as well so that contributes. its not a simple thing to sort out.
i ended up getting a pair of smaller sized shoes to wear tomorrow to a reception for the chester county pops tomorrow. after 6 stores i found something i likes & fit. plus shawn found me a pair of sailor jerry converse high tops in my size on a discount rack.
this morning i took max to his school's little holiday shopping bazaar. he got something for everyone (a cat's toy for audrey?) and i got shooed away even so he could get me something. it felt nice:)
we had a really quick trip to his parents for dinner. i hate to say it but we ate and ran. its rude. but his sister has just moved back from utah and the kids (and us) havent seen her in months but everyone was worn out and cranky. we didnt want to risk any sort of blow out before the holidays.
so now i just need to get my meds in order and clean my night guard and go to bed...

oh and a wintery mix is forecasted for overnight and into the morning!!! :D

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friday night waiting for the parade outside taylor music in west chester borough