Wednesday, November 28, 2007

things are getting messy again. there are actually things from thanksgiving that are still out. i guess it could be worse- it hasnt even been a full week- YET. those who read this blog and donthave kids in school yet- you are gong to be soo sorry when they are!! the shear about of paper they bring home every single day is so overwhelming. if you arent careful it can and will bury you!!
plus add in this 'holiday' season and you're sunk!
friday is the christmas paradesaturday there's a holiday shop at max's school including a make & take craft time so thats what we have to do on saturday. sunday we are going to a reception for the chesco pops? its our neighbor's thing so we are going. im trying to decide what to wear. it says jackets required so i think i can wear a black velvet vintage dress. monday max gets cavity filled before school, tuesday see doctor, thursday i get my haircut, friday is audrey's belt test & saturday i have a craft fair & a concert!!!!