Friday, November 30, 2007

omg i am so itchy! i have started to scratch my arms raw. i guess winter's drying winds are here.

im going to cry on the shoulder of my blog any and all advice is appreciated
back towards the end of september beginning of october i became aware i needed a new everyday bag. so after posting that here, asking around, checking with the trusted resources of my sisters, taking measurements of what i normally carry & what size my current ripped bag was, i found i bag i loved. said bag was $140- thats more then i would typically spend on myself. so i showed it to shawn, with what i thought was the obvious hint "that would make a great birthday or christmas present..." & " you know its more then i'd spend so it would be nice a gift...".
cut to appox. two weeks later (oct 15th), shawn asks me to forward him a link to t-shirt he wants to give me for the holidays. i send the link and right afterward send the link for the bag.
i'm the one who usually gets the mail and time goes by, and i have to say i dont see anything come from the timbuk2 company come. so a few weeks ago i ask- which i hate to do, but its better then being disappointed right?
he said he didnt know i was ever asking for it.
cut to yesterday.
a package comes in my name. the return address is just an acronym. well i've ordered a lot of things. 'tis the season! i tear into it like a wild animal because excited to see what it is ( expecting it to be a gift i ordered to give someone).
it was a bag. not what i asked for. it was a messenger bag but it was not what i asked for.
typing this all out it seems petty. but its not about the actual gift to me, its that i wasnt listened to.

i am getting a little ahead of myself because i didnt even know who it came from. i thought it was from one of my sisters. but i called shawn first. when he said it was from him, and he didnt even understand why i was upset, and he tried to explain to me the bag i wanted was a limited edition i was floored. i tried to calm down and explain all the thought that i put into picking out the right bag that would suit my needs the best. instead he just got angry with me, since we were both angry we ended the phone conversation. he came home 3 hours later and neither of us have mentioned it since! but im still upset- i wasnt listened too, i feel like i was ignored, instead of even picking something else out from the site i liked or getting a gift cert he got me some random bag from amazon were he could just one-stop-shop for everyone. :( was it the money? it was the only thing i asked for. i just dont get it.