Wednesday, December 26, 2007

so im very certain its just stress but im completely queasy and ive been like this since last thursday. although shawn did think it was funny, as in laughable, that even grocery shopping, looking at fresh vegetables was making me turn green.

tomorrow morning 8:45 im taking max to the dermatolgist . i SWEAR that staph infection is still there. there's a hard lump in his leg where the infection was and if you touch it with pressure he yelps. :( otherwise he is happy & healthy. but all i think is MRSA- isnt that MRSA? an antibiotic resistant strain of staph? since oct he has been on 3 different courses of anti biotics and its still there. i dont know- worrisome.

someone else hearted me on warmwoolies.com we also took all my knitting money and opened a separate bank account for it today. and im working on some valentines day & spring ideas too!

ok better look into dinner :)