Saturday, December 22, 2007

i think im in the clear- i have one last present to wrap! and one knit project that im going to finish up later this morning (which is good b/c im giving it away at 3pm)
then im hoping for smooth sailing- iv been rather stressed
im home alone AGAIN!! thanks to karate practice

you will all have to wait a little longer for the "year in hair review" :) my stylist & i cooked up one last scheme yesterday during max's haircut and i'm getting something done on the 29th! that will be just in time for our freinds' sarah & brians' wedding reception.
speaking of which though, does anyone know how i can post some photos side-by- side and not just in a vertical column?
ok better make haste while in my empty house !! :D

*** oh oh oh!! in max's school newsletter in there is always a section about local charities & how your child can help. this month there was a blurb about having kids collect baby caps. maybe i should try to organize something within the school. teaching kids, or just collecting ... i dont know i'll be thinking about it