Thursday, December 20, 2007

Random Christmas Hoopla!

leia tagged me - so here goes! Here are the rules:
1. List 12 random things about yourself that have to do with Christmas
2. Please refer to it as a 'hoopla' and not the dreaded 'm' (meme) - word
3. You have to specifically tag people when you're done

this will be coming but now that im finally in the house ALONE* im gonna wrap !!

of course that happens as some as i finally as make myself some hot lunch :P

ok im back after wrapping, laundry (not eating) randomly organizing two separate crafts for the kids

1) most if not all my oldest possesions are christmas items, including a mouse my sister tamara painted for me when i was 5-ish, another mouse my sister margaret gave me for another birthday.

2) i love seeing trees on cars and must report when i see the 1st, this year it was the tuesday on thanksgiving week (hello wasnt that a bit too early? is it still alive???)

3) i complain about sending christmas cards but really its not that bad and i like getting them in return. although i am thinking e-cards for next year (picture a waffling sort of face-- its not really the same sort of thing)

4) i do not like decorating the tree. i assume this comes from the fact- people do not decorate their own trees. everyone knows santa comes christmas eve and decorates them for you- that is for those of us who have patience!!! then again if *i* did decorate my tree i'd probably take about 5 hours and luxuriate in the process.

5) overall i still have a hard time separating christmas today as an adult with the way it was for me as a child- it was so wonderful as a child that i wish some one would just come do it again for me i guess. plus expectations did just seem simpler then didnt they?

6) when i was little, still sleeping in a toddler bed i saw a red light in the sky on christmas eve, and was positive for YEARS i must of seen rudolph!

7) seeing santa in public causes me great anxiety, near to the point of panic. im fearful i will be present at the moment a child loses their innocence as stops believing. ist made even worse when my children are with me, because i worry that if one child notices something is wrong it will spread like a cancer to my children. even to max who came to his own conclusion that there are helper santas but still believes there is one true santa.

8) one year on christmas morning, my sister threw my teddy bear (named edward) down the stairs just so that i would have to get him and come back and report to her what i saw. (ugh always the perfect patsy)

9) i LOVE the charlie brown christmas special. we each have our own dance move that we imitate. i do the "checking your deodrant dance" performed by the girl in the purple dress. a close favorite is the frankenstein dance when the kid just stands there with his arms straight out in front of him shuffling. shawn likes to dance like linus. it is also fine to break out at anytime in any of the peanut's gang dance's whenever dancing in public!
BUT i digress the best moment in the whole show is when the red headed girl, with curly hair hands pig pen the mirror, saying he looks a mess and he says " on the contrary i didnt know i looked that good!"

10) i have now adopted the habit of dressing up in a vintage holiday dress for christmas

11) this may be the first year in 3 that i wont be sick! !

12) there was never a doubt in my mind that there was a man in the north pole, dressed in a red suit making toys named santa until i was in 5th grade (age 10) but i do still believe in the spirit of santa and of christmas and hope its as special for my children as it was for me

oh who to tag- ill have to come back for that as im running late