Saturday, December 22, 2007

here's two nice holiday stories

max's teacher & his class gave me a christmas gift! i was really surprised & touched. all the kids wrote their names on a bookmark for me. some of the kids came over during the holiday party to say they used their best handwriting :) plus his teacher gave me a coffee mug with some hershey kisses in it. she said max was going nuts telling her how much i would like it since coffee & chocolate are my favorite things :) well that is true :) but i never expected to receive a gift either

last night we stopped at trader joe's to get 2 things. a bottle of sparking apple cider & i wanted some chocolate covered pretzels. we asked a clerk where the pretzels were and turned out they didnt have any. so we went up to the check out counter where they usually have chunks of ghiradelli chocolate. there wasnt any there either. so they sent another clerk to go find some. but all they had was dark chocolate. joking around i said "ugh you cant fulfill my chocolate needs!!" so instead-- they gave us a bouquet of flowers!