Thursday, October 25, 2007

im feeling exhausted. yesterday max came home with an oozey rash on his face. then around 6-6:30 he spiked a fever out of no where that hit 103. so with all the icky stuff going around school i took him to the ER. and left audrey under the watchful eyes of mr & mrs' r. we were at the ER for 3 1/2 hours.
he has strep throat and scarlett fever. he has to stay out of school for two days and go on pencillian for ten days. apparentlly scarlett fever isnt what it was back in the day. now with anti biotics its pretty tame stuff. so there isnt much to worry about.
judging by his behavior you wouldnt know max was sick. he is bouncing everywhere. jumping around having fun.
i swear audrey has a fever but the therometer reads 97. she is happy too. so maybe im just overly worried. i know my throat is sore & i feel a swollen gland and i keep check my throat in the mirror.

tonight is supposed to be the halloween parade but rain is forecasted all day. keep your fingers crossed for dry weather!!!!