Friday, May 11, 2007

today was supposed to be a nice quiet fun day. our old chimmey was going to be taken down & rebuilt and that was the highlight of the day!
now thats not happening because of possible thunderstorms, i dropped off my car for an oil change, shawn will travel to balitmore for 1pm meeting but says he'll be back at 3:30 to talk to a handy man (im not holding my breath) since the handyman is coming i need to do something to clean up the knitting room. its a diaster ever since i moved the stuff from the dining room up there when it was being painted and never moved it back. there's also all the new things i bought from sheep and wool & 2 lbs of roving waiting for the kindy picnic
and there's tons of laundry to be put away! i must take and hide audrey's polar fleece outfit , she insists on wearing it :)